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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions


What type of Motorcycles do you work on?

We specialize in American V-Twin motorcycles such as Harley Davidson, Indian & Victory to name the most common.


Are you Mobil and able to work on my bike at my location?

Not at this time.


Can you order OEM parts?

Yes, Depending on the year, make and model as well as the availability of the part.


Do you sell parts and accessories?

Yes. We can also order any standard or custom parts that is not in stock that you need for your American V-Twin Motorcycle.


Do you carry tires and tubes?

Yes, we carry a large selection of tires and tubes and we can order any tire or tube that you want.


Do you offer towing service for Motorcycles?

Yes we do. Generally speaking we charge $90.00 per hour and $.60 cents per mile both ways. That means a round trip of 20 miles that takes an hour would be $102.00 plus applicable tax. We do not offer emergency towing or roadside assistance. For longer or overnight travel please arrange the towing in advance.

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